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Packed with high quality, well researched, powerful ingredients
Boost your fat burning and your confidence with Hourglass: The intelligent hype-free women's fatburner.
Designed to help strip your fat and reveal the confident you, hiding underneath
Packed with high quality, well researched, powerful ingredients
Boost your fat burning and your confidence with Hourglass: The intelligent hype-free women's fatburner.
Designed to help strip your fat and reveal the confident you, hiding underneath
Achieve your goals faster

Make your figure goals a reality

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Hi, I'm Brooke

Hi, I'm Brooke!

A fitness model and personal trainer with years of experience in health and fitness...

If you’ll allow me just a few minutes of your time, I’ll show you how our brand new Fat Burner, called Hourglass, could help you reach your ‘figure’ goals, safely and stress free ...

But first,
let me share a few things I’ve learnt, in my many years in the online Health & Fitness industry, that may be of help to you.

When it comes to your figure, it's not about the pounds and ounces,

it’s whether you smile at your reflection in the mirror, or turn away in frustration.

The numbers on the scales mean nothing, but an Hourglass reflection you want to look twice at, means everything, because ...

It's all about how you feel


You want to feel confident

in your ‘to die for’ little black dress, yellow polka-dot bikini or that silk lace number, right?

It's all about how you feel

And you’d probably love to enjoy the blissful feeling, of ending your constant obsessing over your weight, to finally feel confident in your own body and be able to just get on with your life.

And I think we can both agree, whether you realise it or not, it’s the need to experience these feelings, that drives you to look for a quick fix.

The thought of months spent dieting, eating horrible food and milking the gym membership, can be soul destroying, so you turn to the magic of the so called ‘slimming formulas’ touted online.

Clever move, but please ... be careful out there. It’s a crazy market and if you’re new to it, you can get hypnotically drawn in, like a moth to a flame.

You’ve more than likely, already seen some of the weight loss/fat burning formulas out there, so let me answer a few obvious questions, to show you how hourglass compares to the competition ... OK?

“Will Hourglass help me to lose 15 pounds by next Tuesday because it contains rare, ‘Microcosmic’ co-enzymes, previously unknown to every single scientist on the planet?”
Will it completely switch off my appetite, give me boundless energy, a wash-board mid section and a pert bottom to die for, without so much as driving past a health club?”
Will it magically allow me to continue eating what I'm eating now, be a couch potato and still make me lose so much weight that I'll need a whole new wardrobe, 6 sizes smaller, in a matter of weeks?”
No it

And neither will any other fat burning formula ...

The promises are all bark and no bite

Although some manufacturers would like you to think so.

Some of these formulas are badly thought out, un-researched, use cheap ingredients in amounts too low for any real effect and are just designed to jump on the lucrative, weight loss band wagon.

So the promises are all bark and no bite.

Then of course there are the formulas which can be downright unhealthy and create more problems than they solve. You need to work alongside your body, not batter it into painful submission, with a far too high dose of some cheap and nasty, so called special ‘pharma grade’ nutrient.

You’ve probably seen the news reports of when it goes horribly wrong.

Achieve your goals faster

Get the Hourglass shape of your dreams!

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So what's different about Hourglass?

Well for starters, we designed Hourglass from the ground up, based on the latest research, to be a safe and comfortable way to help you burn your unwanted, stored fat.

By ‘comfortable’ I mean you’re not going to be bouncing off the walls, irritable, running to the toilet, worse still bending over it, or sneezing out your unwanted fat.

Seriously ... does any of that sound comfortable to you?

We’d love to help you experience all of those feelings I’ve just mentioned, without trying to injure you.

Because you know what?
There's no need

There are certain powerful nutrients, which could help you burn fat, without worrying about your health or wasting your hard earned cash on worthless formulas.

I presume, as you’ve read this far, you’re looking for a formula that will support you, not hinder you? A formula designed to enhance your own efforts and keep you motivated and moving forward, as you begin to reveal your mirror worthy, hour glass figure?

Whether you want to lose a considerable amount of weight,


need something to help your fitness regime and perhaps shred your last few pounds, Hourglass is designed to help.

The name reflects the fact that an hour glass figure looks great, no matter what size you are. It suits virtually every woman and will never go out of fashion. And we think comfortable, hype free fat burners will always be in fashion too.

So if you're looking for hype, nice meeting you, but the back button is top left ...

But if you’re looking for a well designed fat burning formula, which could help you reach your goals, safely and effectively, let me tell you a little more about the ingredients ...

Achieve your goals faster

Get the Hourglass shape of your dreams!

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So what's in Hourglass then?

We’ve chosen the 9 ingredients after exhaustive research, (Yes, really) to help fire up your metabolism, which in turn fires up your body’s fat burning response. When that happens, your body burns more of your stored fat.

So a higher metabolism, means you lose weight and look slimmer. But you probably know that. However, the great thing is, the more you can fire up your metabolism, the more fat you can burn.

The 9 different nutrients in Hourglass all work in slightly different ways, to help you burn fat more efficiently.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that’s a license to take as many fat burners as you can get your hands on, because that could end in tears.

Our dosage is chosen to be safe, yet still be effective, without turning your body into a Jekyll and Hyde freakshow, or worse still, destroying your health.

The details of all the nutrients are on the ingredients page but let me introduce you to just 4 of them, right here ...

Vitamin B6 (As P-5-P)
(As P-5-P) 4MG

Vitamin B6 is very important for fat loss as it can help the body to burn extra calories by turning the body’s stored glycogen into glucose, which is an efficient energy source for the body.

Just as importantly, the breakdown of glycogen, which B6 can help, is essential for healthy blood sugar levels, which are even more important when you’re trying to burn fat.

B6 is also important when it comes to burning carbohydrates. If your body can burn more carbs as energy, the less there is to end up as stored fat on your body.


Low levels of vitamin D can cause parathyroid hormone levels to increase, which has the effect of causing the body to collect and store more fat instead of burning it.

Vitamin D is actually classed as a hormone, due to the powerful effects it has on the body. Recent reports in the media, have also suggested a large percentage of the population, could be deficient in this essential vitamin, especially those of us who spend the majority of our time indoors, as the main way we get Vit D is from the sunlight on our skin.

Vitamin D3

Capsimax is a capsicum supplement containing a concentrated natural capsicum fruit extract made from hot red peppers.

In a recent study, Capsimax promoted a lipolytic (fat burning) effect, measured by an increase in free fatty acids and glycerol in blood compared to placebo.

It's a great way to get the benefits of hot peppers, without the burning mouth!


This ancient natural fat burner has been used for literally 1000’s of years. Not only is it a delicious beverage, it can also help your body to burn fat in 3 separate ways.

It has high EGCG content which can speed up your metabolism, help muscle cells and the liver burn more fatty acids and reduce triglyceride. Your body converts the sugar and fat you eat into this ‘dangerous’ type of fat.

As you can imagine, because green tea has been consumed for 1000's of years, there’s a lot of interest in it . . . and you can read more on the Ingredients page.

The great thing is, they all have other roles in the body in addition to fat burning, so they can also help with many bodily processes, if you’re deficient in any of them.

Green Tea Ext
Achieve your goals faster

You're one step closer to #MYHOURGLASS!

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How much weight will I lose with Hourglass?

You may not know this but the authorities who police product sites like this, don’t allow any product to claim more than 2lbs a week weight loss.

It’s there to protect you, from the hype mongers and ensure honest advertising.

So ok, let’s use that exact example, and imagine for a moment, you used Hourglass and lost just 2lbs a week.

In our example, after 4 weeks, you are 8lbs lighter.
Doesn't sound like much, right?

Do me a favour please.

Next time you go to the supermarket, grab a hand basket, go to the sugar, put your basket on the floor, then place 4 of the usual 2lb bags into your basket.
That’s 8lb.

Now pick it up. Careful with your back, though, because it’s heavier than you imagine. Surprising isn’t it?

2lb Bags

But it’s not about the pounds and ounces remember?
You want to know how 8lbs feels.

8lb in the mirror, is a definite smile inducer. Obviously it depends on your starting point, but you’re more than likely going back for a second look. Maybe even a third.

How would that feel? And it only took 4 weeks. Time flies, so don’t ever risk your health, just to speed up your results.

Anyway, back to the sugar ... another 4 weeks later.

Put your basket with 4 bags of sugar back on the floor and add another 4 bags. Now, carefully, back straight . . . pick it up. What you’ve got there is 16lbs. A stone and 2lbs if you’re in the UK:

16lb Bags

So how does 16Lbs feel?


16lb in the mirror, for most people is a permanent smile inducer. Depending on your current size, that could be 2 little black dress sizes smaller. How many ‘second’ looks in the mirror, would you enjoy?

Lose 16lbs and people notice. Ready for the compliments?

even 2lb a week can be life transforming, much faster than you thought.


It's all about how you feel
So why should I buy Hourglass?

I think you can tell, as you've read the whole of this page...

We're passionate about Hourglass.

We haven’t developed many products, just a handful, but it could so easily have been more. However, that’s not what we’re about.

We only want to produce products in areas we are knowledgeable in. Well researched, safe and effective products. Products we would buy. And hope you want to buy.

(We’ve even spent time designing the bottle, so it looks and feels special too.)

Our Guarantee

Put our experience in this market and our belief in Hourglass to the test. Try it for yourself.

We believe in Hourglass, but we want you to be convinced from your own results, so ...

Your purchase is totally risk free!

One step closer
to your
figure goals

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Order Hourglass today and try it for a full 90 days.
If for any reason you’re unhappy with your purchase ... we’ll give you a fast 100% product refund.

You’ll be completely satisfied or you’ll get your money back. It’s that simple.

It's all about how you feel

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