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Would you like your body to begin burning stored fat efficiently, without fuss and more importantly, stop storing so much of it in the first place?

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Yes, Hourglass can help you burn stored fat more efficiently. It contains specifically chosen ingredients to do just that.

It can help you reach your goals as it gives your body the nutrients it needs to ensure certain bodily functions and processes can take place. These functions and processes rely on certain chemicals and the nutrients either supply those, or contribute to the assimilation or creation of them.

However, wouldn’t it be even easier, if you knew EXACTLY what caused your body to store unwanted fat in the first place and what to do to stop your body over storing fat in future?

And I guarantee . . . it’s NOT what you think.

Sorry to sound like a cliché, but the truth really will shock you.

But once you know the truth and apply it, then combine it with Hourglass, you could reach your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Your problem right now is that you’ve been bombarded by conflicting information regarding fat loss. You’re probably confused or worse still, you’ve fallen for the lies.

For instance . . . you probably believe that eating fat, makes you fat.

It’s ‘science’ right and people in white coats have been chanting it forever? They’re very clever people, went to medical school and everything, so they’re pretty convincing, right?

Yep. Until you dig a little deeper.

Here's the most important thing about fats . . .

They don’t trigger your body’s fat storage mechanism. Weird right?

When you eat sweet foods however, your blood sugar levels rise very quickly, which forces your pancreas to release insulin. It’s insulin’s job to remove excess sugar from your blood and store it as glycogen, until it can’t store any more.

It then resorts to storing it as triglycerides (fat). In other words, as fat on your belly, thighs, bottom, arms and even your neck and face.

What makes it worse is that once insulin is released, glucagon, its partner hormone, can’t do what it does, which is to move stored sugar back into the blood to use as energy.

Double Whammy!

And because these two chemicals cannot be in the blood at the same time, it means your body is:

Energy Burning - Mobilizing

In an energy burning/mobilizing via glucagon state

Energy Storage State

In an energy storage state via insulin

Not good for even the
slightest fat loss.

So ... fat doesn't make you fat. Sugar does. Fact.

Wait, because there’s more . . .

Carbs, such as bread, pastas, cereal, potatoes, etc, all promote overeating because they don’t make you feel full.

So once insulin has stored extra sugar as fat, your blood sugar takes a big hit and you are now suffering low-blood sugar. So what happens? That’s right . . . you crave more sugar and the whole process starts again.

But when fats are eaten, they don’t spike your insulin so don’t push your body into fat burning mode. But they do make you feel fuller, so reducing your appetite and the urge to eat more.

So to recap...

Eating sugar makes your body store fat.
Eating fat makes you feel fuller faster and for longer.
Eating sugar causes a sugar crash, making you hungrier much faster and craving more sugar.

By the way, when I say fat, I mean the kind found in eggs, milk, cheese, butter and meat. Not the processed fats which are being touted as good for us.

I’ll admit it’s hard to take in this radical info. But try adjusting your diet and you’ll soon be convinced. Why do you think the Atkins Diet works so well?

You don’t have to be extreme with this, but basically the less carbs/sugar you consume, the less fat your body will store.

And in case you
weren't aware ...

Fat is needed by every cell

In an energy burning/mobilizing via glucagon state

Fat for digestion

Fat is needed by every single cell membrane in your body. And I do mean every single one.

Fat soluble vitamins

Most foods containing fat soluble vitamins also contain the fat needed to digest them.

Fat is a source of steadily released energy

Fat is also an awesome source of steadily released energy that is much better than carbs and sugars.

Coincidence? I really don't think so.

So, here’s the most important fact you need to know about fat storage and therefore losing weight . . .

“Your body only stores your food as fat on your body when your insulin level is spiked”

Read that again because it’s SO important.

It means plain and simple that the secret to burning fat and losing weight is keeping your insulin levels steady. That’s it.

Fat helps that to happen, carbs and sugar hinder it.

You can also help this along smoothly with specialised nutrients, like those in Hourglass.

Look at the Ingredients page and you’ll see that more than one of them mentions helping blood sugar levels remain stable.

As I’ve said before, these nutrients are being constantly researched.

In fact some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, base their powerful prescription medication on the same nutritional findings.

Ready for another shocker?

Certain popular ‘diet’ foods will not help you burn fat.

There are certain foods which will certainly help you to burn fat and store less new fat. But they are more than likely NOT the foods you think.

The majority of so called ‘diet foods’ have
secrets they are trying to hide:

Low Fat Breakfast Cereals


These are full of refined carbohydrates and sugar. Very fattening and will spike your blood sugar and insulin, so within hours you’ll need another sugary snack.

Whole Wheat Bread


Not usually made from whole grains. The majority is made from grains which have been processed into very fine flour and will spike your blood sugar as quickly as refined grains.

Low Fat Yoghurt


Not what it’s made out to be. Foods with the fat removed usually taste pretty bad, so manufacturers replace the fat with sugar, sweeteners or corn syrup.

Diet Soft Drinks


Very popular with people trying to lose weight, but they’re not what they seem. The artificial sweeteners can make you hungry by stimulating the appetite, the exact opposite of what you want.

Isn’t marketing a wonderful thing?
Now you know what causes you to store fat, simply biology, you can see the flaws in the above mentioned diet foods, right?

And here’s another thing to keep in mind regarding your fat loss efforts....

We sort of ‘knew’ it all along, but unfortunately it’s now official because . . .

“In a new study, Japanese scientists have discovered that as you age, you burn less fat.”

Researchers at the University of Shizuoka in Japan have discovered that as people age, the thermogenic activity of their brown fat reduces.

It becomes less active and therefore burns less 'bad' white fat.

White fat, which sits under the skin of the stomach and thighs, is the result of eating too much.
Brown fat’s job is to generate heat by boosting the metabolism, so we burn the 'bad' white fat.

It’s now been shown that brown fat persists into adulthood and that women have more of it than men.

“That’s why usually, older people have to work twice as hard with their diets and exercise to get half of the results of younger people”

Dr Gerald Weissmann, editor-in-chief of the Faseb journal which published the study.

If you’re worried about your middle-aged spread being unattractive, remember it’s also bad for health. Fat around the organs is linked to diabetes and heart disease while carrying a 'pot belly' increases the risk of heart problems.

It only takes three or four inches around the abdomen to be a sign of a build-up of fat in the arteries.

In other words, the sooner you start burning your unwanted fat the better!

You can start today, by adjusting what you eat a little, now you know the facts. It’s simple biology and it can’t be changed. Work with it, not against it and you’ll reach your goals faster, easier and far less stressfully.

Add Hourglass to your plan and it will help you by supplying much needed nutrients which will work hand in hand with your body. Along with helping you to stay motivated.

All you are doing is letting nature give you a helping hand.

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