Hourglass Fit:
the natural choice

The fat burner formulated for real women

  •  Boosts metabolism
  •  Curbs hunger
  •  Raises energy levels
  •  100% natural ingredients
  •  Clinically proven**
Hourglass 2 Months

Hourglass 2 Months

2 bottles of Hourglass Fit

Choose this deal if... You want the perfect fit. Got a holiday booked or important date on the horizon? This pack can help you lose weight in time for the big day


1 bottle of Hourglass Fit

Choose this deal if... You’re looking for the ideal introduction to Hourglass Fit. Please note this product has a best before date of June 2020. It is still fine to use after this date.

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**Glucomannan has been recognised by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in relation to weight loss