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Hourglass is the intelligent, hype-free fat burner, so it’s specifically designed to help you reach your targets.

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We’ve chosen the correct nutrients, types of those nutrients and dosages for maximum effect, without side effects.
And that’s crucial to your success.

Far too many so called fat burning formulas are false economy.

They are simply full of harsh, cheap ‘pharma’ like ingredients which can cause more harm than good. They may force your body to burn fat, but unnaturally and the resulting side effects are simply not worth it.

And what happens when you lose the weight unnaturally, feel lousy and irritable and know you simply can’t take any more? You’re back where you started.

So great, you dumped a few pounds quickly, but what’s the point?

It will all rush back to your hips, thighs, and tummy faster than you can say “waste of time”, as soon as you go back to your usual routine.

Hourglass is not that kind of
‘Hypey’ fat burner.

We spent months researching to ensure you’ll burn fat at a healthy pace, without side effects or irritability.

Why? Simply because if you can’t cope with how your fat burner makes you feel, you’ll never succeed at keeping any results you get.

YoYo dieting never works. Who wants to love their figure, hate it, love it, hate it, over and over in avicious cycle, which will depress you more than your unwanted fat?

It’s not the answer and you’re far too intelligent to fall for it.

Burn fat at a healthy pace

Also, did you know that officially, more people than ever before are turning to a healthier lifestyle, light exercise (not living in the gym all day), adjusting their diet and choosing sensible, proven supplements, to help them reach their goals and keep the results for a lifetime?

It's true.

Intelligent women like you are obviously fed up with the hype, empty promises and sheer frustration of becoming consumed with ‘dieting’. Let’s face it, no-one wants to live on a diet, or spend their time constantly researching new diets and slimming fads. It can only end in tears.

The new sensible ‘diet’, isn’t a diet at all. It’s changing your mind set to understand it’s easy to burn fat and lose weight, when you approach it as a lifestyle rather than a 2 week plan!

So... Hourglass can certainly help you but I’m sure you already know, you have to help yourself too.

As I’ve already mentioned, no fat burner will work well if you’re eating whatever and whenever you want and the only exercise you get, is the sit up you do each morning
... getting out of bed.

And how can it burn stored fat effectively if it’s battling new fat queuing up to be stored, unless you adjust what you eat a little?

Excercise is also Needed

It's not rocket science

Help Us Help You

Adjusting your diet, doesn’t mean you’ll go hungry or eat like a small furry animal and exercise doesn’t have to mean 4 hours in the gym every day. It’s so simple and un-painful to adjust, especially when you have the added motivation of Hourglass, working hand in hand with you to achieve your goal.

You can help yourself by cutting back on the processed carbs (you know the ones) and adding a little exercise.

Obviously, your body will burn fat faster with exercise, than without it. So start small and build up.

Whatever you do, please don’t follow the current
celebrity trend of viewing your hips, breasts
and in particular, your curved waist,
as unwanted signs of excess fat.

We don’t think any woman should erase her beautiful femininity, so if you want to look like a prepubescent boy, head over to one of the nasty ‘throw your fat up’ formula’s instead.

Will the ingredients in Hourglass help you to burn fat without exercise? Yep. They are all chosen to assist your body’s natural fat burning, as many people are deficient in these nutrients. But we strongly suggest
you change your thinking from a quick fix,
to permanent results.

And they come from helping your body in as many ways as possible, so the cumulative effects are so good, you never want to go back to your old ways. Once you reach that point, it’s a walk in the park!

Ingredients in Our Formula

If you want the intelligent choice, with results that will put a smile on your face now and in years to come, it’s time to adjust your thinking, shift your attitude and order hourglass to boost your own efforts without the drama.

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