20 Weight Loss Tips You Need to Try Today

So many of us have tried to lose weight, but it’s no secret, it’s never an easy process.

However, there are small changes you can make to your lifestyle that can help you to lose weight and keep it off.

Check out our list of 20 weight loss tips and start to implement them in to your day-to-day to support your goals.

1. Eat more protein

This right here is your key macronutrient for weight loss.

Research has shown time and time again that, by enjoying a high protein diet, you can promote fat free mass, aka muscle, without the unwanted pounds [1]. This can take you one step closer to a more toned body.

On top of that, protein has been linked to improved satiety, or the sensation of fullness you experience after you’ve eaten [2]. This helps you to lose weight, as you won’t be as hungry between meals and could therefore reduce the amount of food you eat.

2. Track your food intake

The only proven way to lose weight is to achieve a calorie deficit [3]. That means consuming less energy than you burn.

If you hit a calorie deficit consistently, then you should be able to drop the pounds – but how do you know if you’re achieving this important state?

The best way is to track your activity and your food intake to ensure you’re burning more calories than you’re eating.

You simply need to calculate your BMR, then ensure you’re eating around 10-20% less calories than this value. From there, you’re set for healthy, sustainable weight loss.

3. Plan your shopping trips

Heading to the grocery store without a plan is a fast track to dieting failure. Instead, before you even set foot out the door, plan out your meals for the week.

This will help to ensure you’re hitting the right calorie intake, and when you know what you’re eating, you can start to buy healthy foods that work for your nutrition plan. This should stop you from picking up unhealthy options, and should keep you on track with your diet throughout the week.

4. Prep your meals

After you’ve stocked up at the store, the next trick is to prep the meals you’ve planned. It’s no good buying all those nutritious foods if they stay in the cupboard while you panic buy a burger at lunch.

Instead, dedicate an evening a week to prepping your foods. That means cooking up big batches of your healthy dishes, splitting them out into foods containers and storing them in the fridge or freezer until you need them.

By having all your meals on hand and perfectly aligned to your weight loss plan, you will be less likely to buy an unhealthy alternative and you’ll be on track to achieve your goals.

5. Work out regularly

You probably already know this, but working out is a big part of weight loss. By hitting the gym regularly you can help to improve the amount of calories you burn, and make it a whole lot easier to achieve that calorie deficit we’ve been talking about.

Unsure of what to do in the gym? Well don’t worry, the next two points will cover the most effective workouts to lose weight…

6. Check out HIIT

We know so many women turn to endurance style cardio to burn fat. So many of us have spent hours plugging away at the treadmill, aiming to burn away unwanted calories. Sound familiar? Well stop right now. We’ve got a much quicker, less boring alternative.

Swap out your steady state cardio for HIIT instead. High intensity interval training is short, sharp and super effective at burning fat.

HIIT has been proven to burn 25-30% more calories per minute than endurance training on a treadmill or bike [4].

What’s more, after you finish you HIIT session, you’ll continue to burn additional calories for up to 24 hours [5].

By working on this type of training, you can cut your time down in the gym, specifically burn fat over muscle and burn more calories.

7. Lift weights

So, you know what to do with your cardio, but what about your workouts? Well, lifting weights is your secret weapon when it comes to fat loss.

Many women think it’ll make them bulky, but don’t worry about that. You simply don’t have the right hormone balance to build large amounts of muscle.

Instead, by adding a little muscle to your frame, you can increase your metabolism on a day-to-day basis [6].

8. Try an appetite suppressant

For women, cravings and snacking can leave your diet in the dust. To take action against those pesky hunger pangs, you could try taking a natural appetite suppressant like glucomannan.

Taken from the root of the konjac tree, this soluble fiber expands slightly when it hits your stomach, which fills you up a little more and helps you feel fuller for longer [7]. Glucomannan has been proven to help promote short term weight loss, so it might be a good way to support your weight loss efforts.

Because this is such a fantastic support for a diet, we’ve included it in the Hourglass Fit formula.

9. Eat more fruit, veg and fiber

We all know that fruit and veg come with a huge range of health-promoting benefits, due to the vitamins, minerals and fibers they have tucked away inside.

While so many people focus on calories and macronutrients, it’s important you don’t miss out the micronutrients that come in these foods either.

They play a huge role in keeping your body healthy, and in supporting the metabolic processes that help you to lose weight.

10. Drink plenty of water

Water is essential to maintaining a healthy body, but it can also help you to support your weight loss efforts too.

Research has shown that those who eat drink water around eating consumed less food, and saw an increase in metabolism [8] [9].

11. Be a mindful eater

In the modern world, so many of us sit in front of a television to eat or scroll through our phones throughout a meal. While you might not think twice about it, it could actually make you gain weight.

Research from Harvard suggests that, because we’re not aware of what we’re putting into our bodies, this mindless eating could be contributing towards obesity [10].

Instead, by sitting down without any distractions and taking time to enjoy your food, you may consume less calories because you’re more aware of when you’re full.

12. Chew slowly

In the modern world, so many of us sit in front of a television to eat or scroll through our phones throughout a meal. While you might not think twice about it, it could actually make you gain weight. Instead, by sitting down without any distractions and taking time to enjoy your food, you may consume less calories because you’re more aware of when you’re full.

Research from Harvard suggests that, because we’re not aware of what we’re putting into our bodies, this mindless eating could be contributing towards obesity [10].

Instead, by sitting down without any distractions and taking time to enjoy your food, you may consume less calories because you’re more aware of when you’re full.

13. Eat spicy foods

Spice up your menu, and potentially support your weight loss efforts at the same time.

Spicy foods, such as cayenne pepper, contain a compound called capsaicin. This ingredient has been shown to heat up your body, inducing thermogenesis.

This is important for weight loss as, the process of producing this heat makes your body burn more calories [12]. That means that, even at rest, you’ll burn more calories than you normally would.

Because it’s so highly researched and proven to lead to increased weight loss [13], we’ve also included capsaicin in the Hourglass Fit formula.

14. Cut out sugary drinks

Sugary sodas, fruit juices and even smoothies are a quick way to up your calorie count. The refined sugars in these are high in calories and can be consumed quickly, without adding any real benefit to your body.

What’s more, research shows your body doesn’t process liquid calories in the same way it does with solid foods, which means you could be consuming more calories than you expect [13]. Needless to say, this will make it a whole lot harder to maintain a calorie deficit.

If you’re a regular soda drinker, this could make a huge difference to your weight loss attempt.

15. Reduce your portion sizes

If tracking food and planning meals isn’t for you, then a good way to reduce your calorie intake is to reduce your portion sizes where you can.

If you’re eating slightly less food in each meal, you may find it a whole lot easier to drop weight, with one simple change to your daily routine.

16. Drink green tea and coffee

You may rely on coffee to help you wake up first thing in the morning, or perhaps green tea is your go-to for a mid-afternoon pick me up. What you may not know is, like our friend cayenne pepper, these are both thermogenic supplements.

Both the caffeine in coffee and the antioxidizing catechins in green tea have been proven in a huge range of studies to increase both metabolism, but also fat burning too [14].

This combination has even led to weight loss in studies conducted over a longer period of time [15].

17. Plan your snacks

Between-meal hunger pangs, cravings and smaller meals can all contribute towards unplanned, unhealthy snacking. For so many of us, we can track an accidental cheat day back to one, untimely snacking mishap – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Instead of leaving it up to chance, if you know you get hungry at around 3pm, why not plan your snacks in advance. That way, when cravings strike, you can enjoy a healthy snack that fits in with your food plan, without the risk of going off track.

18. Try a protein supplement

We mentioned before that a high protein diet is a great way to promote muscle and get rid of unwanted fat. However, it can be unrealistic to eat expensive foods like chicken throughout the day.

A supplement like whey protein is a much more cost efficient and convenient way to add more of these fat-busting amino acids to your daily menu.

From a mid-afternoon shake, through to a scoop in your morning bowl of oats, you’ll find it a lot easier to hit your macronutrient goals with a protein supplement on your side.

19. Keep snacks away from you

Out of sight out of mind – if you can’t see unhealthy snacks near you, you’re much less likely to want or eat them.

So, if you’re on the weight loss train but your work colleagues are avid snackers, why not ask them to move the temptation away from the desk area, and keep it in the kitchen cupboards. This way, you’re less likely absentmindedly snack between meals, or be tempted into cheating when you’ve done a full day of good work.

20. Take progress pictures

The biggest hurdle of any weight loss attempt is the mental challenge that comes with it. Every part of building new healthy habits, from choosing a piece of fruit over chocolate, to getting through the rough times, comes with an internal struggle.

The key to keeping it up is to stay motivated, and to do that, you need to see the results of your good work. One of the best ways to keep your spirits up is to take progress pictures. Take the first on the first day of your program, then another after a month of hard work.

Final word

It’s a little unrealistic to try to tick off every one of these 20 points, but if you try implementing a few at a time, you can find the perfect balance for you.

The biggest, and most important points are ensuring you’re in a healthy calorie deficit, you’re working out regularly and you’re enjoying a varied diet. Everything else on this list is simply there to help you achieve these main pillars of weight loss. Once you have them out the way, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving your goals.

If you like the sound of the thermogenic support and the appetite suppressants, why not benefit from them all in one go, with our completely natural fat burner, Hourglass Fit.

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