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Hourglass Fit:
Twice the power: Three times the benefit

Hourglass Fit’s daily three-capsule-combination is designed to offer round-the-clock weight-loss support by keeping hunger at bay and placing you in peak fat-burning mode throughout the day - and even as you sleep.

Our unique fat-burning formula is proven to deliver in THREE ways:

Burn fat: When you eat, your body uses those calories for energy. Any calories not used are stored as fat. This unsightly stored fat sits around, waiting, until it is largely used to produce heat - in the same way you might keep a log in a stockpile (stored energy) until you need to add it your campfire to produce more heat.

We call this internal ‘burning’ process your metabolism - it’s simply the way in which we all turn the food we eat into the energy we need to live. Having an efficient metabolism is essential to burning more body fat. The more intense (or efficient) your campfire burns, the quicker the stored energy is used up. And it’s exactly the same for your body.

We’ve packed Hourglass Fit with proven thermogenic ingredients to increase your metabolic efficiency. These natural, active nutrients raise your body temperature - which in turn raises your metabolism and encourages your body to burn more calories, even at rest. With Hourglass Fit, this process happens unnoticed, all day, every day, including when you’re sleeping!

Boost energy: It’s quite simple, to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. To go back to our campfire example, if your fire is burning hotter and faster, you’ll use up more logs (stored energy) to keep it going strong. Use them up faster than you replace them, and your log pile (those pesky stored calories) goes down and down!

Hourglass Fit contains natural ingredients to give you the energy you need to go further and harder when you exercise, so you burn up more calories. But with none of the jitters and insomnia associated with caffeine-jacked supplements. Instead, Hourglass Fit provides a gentle and sustained energy boost through the harnessing of premium guarana seed.

And the green tea we include not only boosts your metabolic rate, it has the additional benefit of giving your workouts a kick-start thanks to its energy-providing properties. So, no matter if it’s a workout at the gym, a walk in the park, or your own home routine, Hourglass Fit helps you achieve more, in less time than ever before.

Beat cravings: Losing weight is about tipping the balance in your favour – to consume less energy than you’re burning. The thermogenic and energy-boosting properties of Hourglass Fit ensure you burn more calories. But that’s not all… Because the easiest way to achieve that all-important energy deficit is to eat less than you burn throughout the day. And Hourglass Fit is formulated to help here, too.

Ingredients in Hourglass Fit make you feel fuller for longer, meaning you don’t get the same carb cravings or hankering for sugary foods. Bad food choices are automatically deterred. And by snacking less, you’ll automatically reduce your calorie intake, pushing you further into calorie deficiency. Of course, the natural appetite suppressant at the heart of Hourglass Fit is 100% safe, tested and legal.

Hourglass Fit uses the natural soluble fibre glucomannan from the root of the konjac plant. It can promote the feeling of fullness, whilst simultaneously reducing levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin. The result is a satisfying feeling which means you won’t reach for the cookie jar. And when you’re not hungry, it’s much easier to forget about gathering those extra logs, even whilst your campfire is smoldering away nicely! Because less hunger = less calories consumed = less stored fat.

So, why don’t you choose to get Hourglass Fit?

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Taking and using

Making Hourglass Fit your daily routine

Hourglass Fit was designed to work harmoniously with your biology and hormones. We’ve carefully considered the wellness needs of women to deliver a natural supplement which is powerful and proven, yet gentle enough for daily use.

And unlike caffeine-based fat burners, Hourglass Fit users report no nasty side effects. So, to lose weight without the stomach cramps, heartburn or bloating, choose to get Hourglass Fit.

Because Hourglass Fit is so easy. Simply take the easy-to-swallow capsule three times a day with a glass of water. No shakes to mix or teas to brew. No unpleasant aftertaste or clumpy powders. We’re sure that it’s the perfect solution for women who want to live life to the fullest.

And if you have already started your weight loss journey, only to have hit that pesky plateau where the pounds don’t seem to be falling off despite your best efforts, Hourglass Fit can help you, too!

Naturally low in caffeine, soy-free and formulated for REAL women, Hourglass Fit offers up the opportunity you’ve been waiting for: To enjoy a whole new body confidence.

And remember, bigger packs deliver bigger “WOWs!” So, don’t wait. Find your perfect fit today.


Not all fat burners are created equal.
Choose the name you can trust

No doubt you’ve seen the headlines - what happens when things go wrong.

And things go wrong when you risk buying fat burners from unlicensed vendors with no history of operating in the supplement industry.

These fat burners are likely to be dangerous, illegal and made in unregistered facilities by people with no pharmaceutical understanding. Quite simply, it isn’t worth the risk.

Instead, choose the safe, natural, tested alternative from Roar Ambition - one of the world’s favorite supplement brands. For ten years we’ve received 5-star reviews for our range of life-improving supplements that have fans around the globe.

We’re loved by fitness professionals, wellness authorities and the wider public alike as we make all our products in the US and UK, within our FDA-registered facilities, in accordance with strict Good Manufacturing Practices.

And we believe you deserve to know what you’re putting into your body, so we never hide behind a ‘propriety blend’ – a ploy used by unscrupulous supplement companies to include ingredients in dosages that are either too small or simply unnatural.

Instead, we simply offer premium, tested ingredients so that you can be completely confident that you’re receiving the very best fat burner on the market. In fact, we’re so sure of it, we guarantee it.

Fall in love with Hourglass Fit 100% risk-Free for 90 Days

We know Hourglass works. We packed the formula with the finest ingredients to ensure it. We’re so certain, we make your purchase 100% risk-free.

Try a 90-day supply of Hourglass Fit and you’re automatically covered by our cast-iron guarantee. If you don’t love the results, we’ll give you a super-fast refund.

So, the only thing you have to lose are those unwanted pounds.

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**Glucomannan has been recognised by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in relation to weight loss