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United Kingdom

I had 12 weeks until my wedding and I just wanted to feel confident in my dress on the big day. Of course, I hit the gym and started eating cleaner - but I also wanted a little helping hand. Hourglass Fit’s natural formula seemed perfect for me, especially as I don’t have the time for meal replacement shakes or complicated plans.

Over 12 weeks I steadily shifted the pounds. In fact, on my wedding day I weighed 2lbs less than I did when I first met my husband! Hourglass Fit made it easy – and all without the crashes or jitters I’d read about with other brands. It was a real confidence booster, and I’m sure to continue to make Hourglass Fit part of my daily routine.


San Diego, USA

The hardest part of dieting for me has always been controlling cravings around my period. As soon as it gets to ‘that time of the month’ all my good intentions go right out of the window and I’m binging before I know what’s happening. And, let’s be honest, salads just aren’t the same as chocolate!

Since I started taking Hourglass Fit, I’ve felt completely in control. I’m fuller and more satisfied after meals, and I find it so much easier to say no to treats (finally!). I’ve managed to stick to my healthy diet (and dropped 8lb already) even through my period, which has always been when I go off track!


Manchester, UK

After I had my second child, I really struggled to lose the baby weight. No matter what I tried at the gym, I just found that I couldn’t shift that last little bit of post-baby bump. It was beginning to affect my confidence, so I decided to research what supplements could help me. Hourglass Fit ticked all the boxes in terms of what I was looking for.

I ordered the Ultimate Fit Kit and it was delivered really quickly. I found it so simple to incorporate into my daily life. Within weeks I could see and feel the difference it was making. And it wasn’t just me – my husband and friends also remarked on how I was looking. I’d recommend Hourglass Fit to anyone in the position I was once in.

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Baltimore, USA

I’ve taken other fat burners before Hourglass Fit and they’ve just made me bloated straight away. Not great when I want to reduce my waist size. Since I’ve started to take Hourglass I’ve noticed I’m not bloated, or uncomfortable – I feel really good!

As someone who’s tried quite a few fat burners, this one is definitely my favorite. I don’t feel heavy and bloated, I’ve got loads of energy, I’ve stopped snacking and I’ve dropped a dress size already! I can’t recommend it enough if you also bloat easily.


Southampton, UK

I’d tried other fat burners that were full of green coffee beans and other highly caffeinated substances. I found my sleep was interrupted and my stomach was upset. I was literally shaking after taking them. So, Hourglass Fit was a revelation! They were so gentle I thought they couldn’t work. But my bathroom scales prove they do!

I began taking Hourglass Fit alongside my regular gym routine. Within two weeks I was noticing a difference in how toned I was looking. It definitely jumpstarted my metabolism, as I didn’t massively change my lifestyle, yet saw the results I was looking for – I’ve lost 15lbs already! And because it’s 100% natural, it means I can take it worry free.


Perth, Australia

I’d been on my weight loss journey for about 6 months before I discovered Hourglass Fit. After initially losing a lot of weight, I found that I’d hit a plateau, and my weight was no longer dropping, no matter what I tried. Which is when a friend recommended that I tried Hourglass Fit after she’d had success with it.

It really helped in pushing me through the plateau. I gained extra energy for my workouts, and because my cravings were reduced, I was less tempted to snack between meals. I’m now recommending your product to all the women in my class and they love it too! So many of them have lost weight already.


Lyon, France

My favorite thing about Hourglass Fit is it helps me get through my workouts. I love being active and when I’m dieting, getting to the gym feels impossible. Cutting down my calories just makes me feel lazy, sluggish and hangry! I know should work out, but I just want to stay on the couch!

Now I’m taking Hourglass Fit I feel energized when I train. I’ve been pairing Hourglass Fit with HIIT workouts and it keeps me focused and has helped me lose even more fat. I’ve tried a few caffeine-based fat burners before and they’ve just given me headaches. With Hourglass Fit I just feel like I have energy again! No jitters at all!

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