Do Fat Burners Work? A Definitive Guide to Fat Burners

Pills that make you burn fat better. Capsules that could stop you overindulging. Surely, that can’t be true?

Well, it certainly is, considering what some compounds inside fat burners can do. But as always, it’s all about understanding what ‘work’ really means and putting it into proper context.

In this article, we’ll explore exactly what fat burners are, what they do, and how they work. Keep reading to find out.

What are fat burners?

Let’s be clear from the start – fat burners aren’t a magic pill.

You cannot take one or two and instantly lose pounds overnight. They’re not an elixir or potion to override poor lifestyle choices either.

Sorry, but that’s the simple and honest truth. You already knew that though.

What fat burners really are is a supplement to support your overall weight loss efforts. They can help you burn a few extra calories by the end of the day, make it easier to stick to your diet, and help your body unlock body fat for fuel.

Simply put, they can contribute a little extra to your results. This is the proper context we mentioned earlier.

Not all fat burners are the same

Not all fat burners are the same, however.

Some might have just one ingredient, say a green tea extract capsule, while other might be full of a handpicked combination, like Hourglass Fit.

The ingredients inside fat burners should be selected for their ability to burn fat. Some others like vitamins might be added for extra health benefits.

For example, they might increase fat oxidation, which is how you burn fat for fuel. On the other hand, they could help curb your cravings, or boost your metabolism.

How do fat burners work?

Like we just mentioned, fat burners can work in different ways. Certain ingredients found inside some fat burners can help you feel fuller for longer. They might also be able to lend a hand in stopping cravings derail your diet plan.

As their name suggests, they can change how your body burns fat for fuel. Naturally, how well you eat, sleep and exercise make the biggest difference, but a fat burner’s ingredients could influence it too. Certain compounds like cayenne and green tea are proven to increase fat oxidation (1).

Another way fat burners can work is by boosting your metabolism. So, rather than change how your body breaks down and uses fat, it ramps up your calorie burn.

The amount isn’t necessarily staggering on its own. Yet, as an extra little push, these small but daily contributions can start to multiply.

The third and final way a fat burner can work is by suppressing appetite. Because as important as fat oxidation and calorie burning are, it’s all for nothing if you eat too much.

Certain ingredients found inside some fat burners can help you feel fuller for longer. They might also be able to lend a hand in stopping cravings derail your diet plan.

Do Fat Burners Work

Types of fat burners

Fat burners come in all shapes, sizes, and reliability. You have the single-ingredient capsules available like glucomannan or green tea extract, then you have multi-compound mixes and products.

Some fat burners might also be labelled stimulant free. This means they’ve not been filled with things like caffeine, which can stimulate the nervous system.

As a result, the stim-free variety can be better suited to women or people sensitive to stimulants. More aggressive, stimulant heavy fat burners are usually marketed to athletes and larger men.

Regardless of type, a reputable fat burner should be supported by evidence. Each ingredient should have numerous studies proving its effectiveness, otherwise it’s not worth taking.

Do a little bit of research on individual ingredients before buying a fat burner.

Do fat burners work?

In short – yes.

As always though, there is a catch. You need to be realistic and honest with your expectations.

Certain fat burning ingredients have been proven to increase fat oxidation. So, yes, they will help you to be more effective at burning fat.

Some ingredients can also ignite your metabolism, making a small but worthwhile contribution to your daily calorie burn. Others lower your hunger levels and give you feelings of fullness after mealtimes too.

If you’re doing the right thing, these two steps also aid your body in burning excess body fat. So far, so good. Providing you’re being smart and sustainable about your weight loss.

Ultimately though, it’s a healthy lifestyle and habits will provide almost all of your results. What fat burners can’t do is beat a bad diet, poor sleep, and a lack of exercise.

Common fat burner ingredients

A high-quality fat burner will be unique in its own way. Yet, if you were to pick up a handful of bottles, you’d see a bunch of common ingredients.

This is because reputable supplement companies base their products on research. So, they’re always looking out for the best new ingredients and time-tested favorites to put their formula.

Here are a few of the most common fat burner ingredients:

Cayenne pepper fat burner

Cayenne Pepper

If you’ve ever eaten cayenne pepper, you’ll still be able to recall its fiery taste. Well, it’s that tongue tingling heat that helps ignite weight loss too.

Cayenne pepper’s main active ingredient is capsaicin, a chemical that gives off it’s burst of hotness. Scientists say that capsaicin is a proven thermogenic, meaning it the ability to boost your metabolism as well as reduce hunger (2)(3).

One study saw that women who ate a fresh chili pepper increased their metabolic rate for up to 30-minutes afterward (4). Another, more recent study from 2010 also showed that people who took dihydrocapsiate (a capsinoid that’s also in cayenne) for a month raised their metabolic rate by 50 calories.

However, cayenne doesn’t just raise your metabolic rate. It can even increase how many calories you naturally use by increasing your body temperature. As a result, you need to use extra energy to cool down and return to normal.

Coincidentally, the tiny hot cayenne pepper also has the ability to benefit fat oxidation. Researchers says it helps the body breakdown fat for fuel, even when you’re dieting (5).

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is a bitter drink that’s been used for thousands of years for its therapeutic effects. However, unlike some traditional remedies, it’s actually backed by science.

Modern researchers recognize green tea as one of the healthiest, most wellness promoting ingredients nature can provide. It’s full of cancer-fighting catechins, antioxidants, has great antibacterial properties, and can even help keep you calm and focused (6)(7)(8).

Weight loss is another one of green tea’s impressive list of health qualities. Naturally, this is the main reason it’s included in fat burners.

Green tea contains an antioxidant called EGCG and the stimulant caffeine, which both cause the body to release fat breakdown promoting enzymes. Put plainly, these enzymes make fat cells unlock their contents for use (9)(10).

Plus, both EGCG and caffeine are thermogenic too. Therefore, just like we saw with cayenne earlier, they have the ability to make you burn more calories even at rest (11)(12).

One study saw 60 obese people lose 7.3 more lbs. over three months after taking green tea extract compared to others who didn’t. They also burned an extra 183 on average each day (13).


Also known as konjac root, glucomannan is another ingredients that’s been used for thousands of years. However, it’s only more recently that we’ve discovered how useful the soluble fiber it can be for fat loss (14).

Unlike the other two ingredients we’ve just listed, glucomannan doesn’t actually burn fat. It’s more like a supportive ingredient to help your body create the right environment for fat loss.

First of all, glucomannan gently expands in your stomach to create a feeling of fullness. Studies say this could be because of the fibers ability to slow down stomach emptying (15). The expanded glucomannan also takes up space in your stomach too.

You’re much less likely to snack or overeat if glucomannan helps you feel satisfied and full. That’s the first reason you’re told to take it 30-minutes before a meal.

The second reason is that glucomannan, like other soluble fibers, can reduce the absorption of fat. As a result, you might not store as much from your following meal.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Another common fat burning ingredient is caffeine anhydrous.

Anybody who has drank a hot cup of coffee will have felt the firsthand effects of caffeine. It can make you feel alert, motivated, and ready to take on the day.

It’s ability to change how you feel can be helpful for dieters. Caffeine could help you feel awake and lively during the day and make it easier to find energy during exercise (16).

Consequently, you can bump up your daily calorie burn by just moving around more. So, caffeine can definitely help here.

However, weight loss of benefits for caffeine aren’t all about its buzz. Studies have shown it’s a powerful thermogenic too (17). So, not only might it make exercising and moving around easier, caffeine can make you burn more calories even at rest.

Another of caffeine’s weight loss benefits is its ability to ramp up fat oxidation (18). Like we mentioned earlier, this is how well your body breaks down fat for fuel. If you’re in a calorie deficit, which is when you eat less calories than you use, this release of fatty acids in your blood can result in weight loss.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is a prohormone we produce when sunlight touches our skin. Interestingly, it’s also a fat-soluble vitamin found in certain foods.

Vitamin D is indispensable for our health and wellbeing. We all need to keep our bones and teeth strong, enjoy a healthy immune system, and help the absorption of vital nutrients like calcium (19).

Unfortunately, though, around 50% of the planet is actually vitamin D deficient (20). Many of us, especially those living north of the equator, might only be able to get enough from the sun for as little as half the year.

Experts say that overweight people tend to have lower vitamin D levels (21). Yet, it turns out that vitamin D itself might actually help them to lose weight.

Studies have shown that overweight women who get enough of the vitamin seem to lose weight better than those who don’t.

According to one team of researchers, women who took in adequate vitamin D lost on average seven pounds more than those who didn’t over a year (22). Another saw how healthy vitamin D levels decreased body fat (23).

So, not only can vitamin D help keep your hormones and body healthy, it might help you lose weight. That’s why it’s so common inside high-quality fat burners.

Vitamin d

Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper is one of the most popular spices in the world. You’ll find it in all kinds of cuisines, and it’s notorious for its fiery taste and aroma.

Experts say it was used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine for millennia too. Even thousands of years ago people were unlocking it’s therapeutic effects.

Black pepper is rich in antioxidants and has potent anti-inflammatory properties. Scientists have been able to connect these with signs of reversing and stopping the effects of aging, chronic inflammation, and even some kinds of cancers (24)(25).

However, that’s not always why black pepper extract is added to fat burners.

First of all, it’s a proven thermogenic, which as we know means it can ramp up your metabolic rate (26). An in-depth review into black pepper and other spices said it can also substantially increase fat oxidation and satiety (27).

Simply put, black pepper can help you burn extra calories, breakdown fat better, and potentially reduce how much you eat.

All of these benefits are impressive in their own right. They’re probably enough to justify adding black pepper in a fat burner without needing anything else.

Yet, there’s one more quality black pepper is famous for – help your body absorb nutrients better. Black pepper has the ability to stop a certain process in your liver that makes you lose a lot of nutrients. By taking black pepper, can you can boost the absorption of some key nutrients up to twenty times over (29).

Other popular and proven fat burning ingredients include; guarana, matcha green tea powder, vitamins B6 and 12, white kidney bean, and L-theanine.

Fat burner side effects & prevention

It’s hard to say exactly what side effects you risk from taking a fat burner. After all, there are hundreds, if not thousands of products out there on the market. Each one is different and no two are ever the same.

Most fat burners contain some kind of spice in their capsules. Therefore, taking excessive amounts could cause some stomach upset. That’s why we always advise you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, as they should have worked out the safest amount for you.

One way to avoid side effects from stimulant focused fat burners is to try small doses. Just take half or less of the suggested amount to check your tolerance. When you feel comfortable, you can go ahead and try the full serving.

Try not to take any stimulants (fat burner or not) within five hours of going to bed. Otherwise they might keep you awake at night. We also say you should drink less caffeinated drinks like coffee too, so you don’t accidentally take excessive amounts.

The bottom line to enjoying a fat burner without side effects is to test a small dose first and never go past the manufacturer guidelines. Check the ingredient label to make sure you’re not allergic to any ingredients as well.

Do not take fat burning supplements if you’re pregnant. Have your doctor check any new supplement if you’re taking medication or suffer from a medical condition.


When you hear the name fat burner, it’s hard not to conjure up a handful of questions. Do they work? Will they work for me? Are they dangerous? What is the best one?

Hopefully, we’ll have been able to answer your queries already. If not, you might find what you’re looking for in this section. Here are the most frequently asked questions about fat burners.

Do Thermogenics really work?

Yes. Fat burners work so much as they help your body burn fat better. They can also help you to eat less and feel energized while dieting.

However, they’re not a magic pill or secret potion. For them to work properly, you must be doing the hard work and following a weight loss diet plan.

See fat burners as the supplement to your efforts, not a supplement for your effort. That’s how to make them work.

Are fat burners dangerous?

A high-quality fat burner shouldn’t be dangerous. Using it excessively increases the risk of side-effects and always check you’re not allergic to any ingredients.

What is the best fat burner supplement?

The best fat burner is the one that fits your goals. For example, we’ve tailored Hourglass Fit specifically for women who want to lose weight naturally. Other fat burners might be better suited to men, or sometimes athletes.

How can I reduce my stomach fat?

Unfortunately, you can’t spot reduce fat from one area. Even if you decide to concentrate solely on stomach exercises.

With this in mind it’s better to take a holistic approach to fat loss. Eat a well-balanced, weight loss diet and exercise regularly. Lifting weights can help to burn fat while also sculpt and shape your natural feminine curves. We recommend a mix of cardio and weight training to compliment your diet.

Eventually, you should start to see unwanted belly fat begin to flatten. Thanks to the weight training you might start to feel your abs and hips become firmer too. Belly fat is often one of the last kinds you lose, so stick to your plan and be patient. A high-quality fat burner might be able to help you there.

Should I take thermogenic supplements?

Only you can give an honest answer to this question. If you’re willing to adopt a healthy lifestyle to support your weight loss, go for it. A thermogenic supplement could help give your results an extra little boost.

On the other hand, a supplement might be a waste of time if you’re not going to try to actively lose weight. It can’t undo bad food choices and a lack of activity.

How can I boost up my metabolism?

There are many ways you can boost your metabolism.

First of all, you can increase how much muscle you have, because it has a higher energy demand than fat. Coincidentally, lifting weights to accentuate your muscle is actually great for fat burning.

Secondly, it’s really important you get enough sleep. Resting to the recommended eight hours isn’t just good for mood and brain power, it keeps your calorie clock ticking double-time.

Finally, you can find a fat burner with proven thermogenics inside. To find out more scroll back up this article to see some of the common fat burner ingredients that ignite your metabolism.


Fat burners are dietary supplements made to support your hard work and results. They can give your body key nutrients it needs to burn fat better, speed up your metabolism, and curb cravings.

If you’re putting in the effort and following a healthy, weight loss lifestyle. A high-quality fat burner could give your weight loss success a lift.

Some fat burners also contain other essential vitamins and minerals. These can help keep you healthy and nourished, especially if you’re not eating as much. For example, we included both vitamin B6 and B12 in Hourglass Fit to support your metabolism. We also added them to keep your hair and nails healthy.

One thing to consider when taking a fat burner is how realistic your expectations are. It’s important to see them as something that can contribute all your effort. When you see a fat burner for what it is, a dietary aid, it’s easy to see how one could fit into your weight loss routine.

The last and final thing we’ll say is that we all react differently to stimulants. Men seem to handle caffeine a lot better that women, which is one reason we chose not to use it. If you’re ever unsure, try a small dose first to see how you feel. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any more questions. Your journey is our journey and we’re always here to help.





























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