Losing Baby Weight: 6 Effective Tips

Recently welcomed a bundle of joy? Congratulations from us all at Hourglass Fit. And of course, hats off! You should be proud of yourself and your amazing body.

A lot of our customers turn to Hourglass Fit to help them lose those extra post-pregnancy pounds. No matter how much work you put in exercising or eating healthily, the baby weight won’t budge. You’ve hit a dead end with your weight loss. Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, it’s completely normal to put on extra weight when you have a baby. But once your baby has arrived, it’s important to try get back to a healthy weight.

There’s no time frame to ‘bouncing back’ and every woman’s body is different – trust us! There’s no need to rush with weight loss, it should always be a patient and slow process for it to be healthy and sustainable. And remember, your body is still recovering from a huge event so it won’t be the easiest of feats.

First, let’s find out what baby weight involves before we delve into six top tips to help you get back to a healthy weight.

What is baby weight?

When you’re pregnant, you obviously put on extra weight. This weight consists of your baby, placenta, amniotic fluid, breast tissue, enlarged uterus, blood supply and extra fat stores[1]. You need extra fat stores for any energy required during the birth and breastfeeding, however too much can be dangerous.

For the first six weeks after giving birth, you likely won’t notice any changes to your baby belly. It can take time for your uterus to reduce back to its pre-pregnancy size. In fact, research suggest that a quarter of women hold onto 11 or more pounds a year after childbirth[2].

The key is to focus on creating a healthy and happy you. Your body will adjust and you will get back into shape again. Let’s see how with these six top tips.

Losing Baby Weight
6 Tips to lose weight after pregnancy

We understand that you might be tempted to make some drastic changes to your nutrition to lose the excess weight fast but the key to any weight loss plan is to incorporate healthy habits that are easy to sustain over a long term.

These six top tips to losing baby weight should help you get back on track.

Tip #1 – Get your steps in

It’s easy to get those extra calories burned when you get your steps in. Grab the stroller and get outside or store all your baby’s essentials in a different room to ensure you have to get up and moving to get them when needed. Even a steady fifteen minute walk a day could add an extra 2,000 steps to your day, up it to 30 minutes and you could tick off around 4,000 steps[3]. Your smartphone will track your steps and help you find your average daily step count.

Tip #2 – Cut back – but just a little

Being too strict straight away might make you slip up. Make subtle changes to your diet and you’ll notice a huge difference without restricting too much of your favorite foods.

For instance, cut back on mayo in your sandwiches and remove the extra cheese – they’re just extra calories that you won’t miss that much. And instead of snacking on cookies and chocolate, why not choose other healthy varieties such as apple and peanut butter, carrot sticks, or pretzels. You’ll satisfy your cravings and feel less guilty.

Check your grocery store for low-calorie chocolate puddings or yogurt too – these can help when you have cravings for ice cream or a sweet dessert!

Tip #3 – Stock up on protein

Did you know a high-protein diet may boost calorie expenditure by about 100 calories per day?[4] [5] High protein diets are said to have a ‘metabolic advantage’ over diets low in protein since they’re a highly thermic food. This means your body requires extra amounts of energy to digest the macronutrient, meaning you’ll burn more calories without any extra work on your part!

Increasing the amount of protein you consume may also prevent muscle loss[6], which is key when you’re trying to boost your metabolism. The more muscle you have on your body, the higher your resting metabolic rate as muscle requires a lot of energy to sustain itself. What’s more protein is an excellent appetite suppressant, keeping you fuller for longer so you avoid overeating[7].

Tip #4 – Breastfeed – if you can

As many new moms will say, breastfeeding can really help melt off the excess pounds. Studies even suggest that breastfeeding mothers may burn an extra 500 calories daily – that’s the equivalent of 45 – 60 minutes of medium-intensity exercise[8].

Breastfeeding women also tend to make better food choices and eat a healthy balanced diet including lots of protein and fiber. What’s more, it may even have a positive effect on your long-term weight loss goals, with studies showing women who breastfed for 6-12 months had lower overall body fat percentage five years after childbirth compared to those who didn’t[9]. Breastfeeding isn’t for every woman however[10], so only do so if you can.


Tip #5 – Fill up on fiber

A high-fiber diet is always a good idea if you’re looking to lose some excess pounds. Found in practically all fruits and vegetables, fiber feeds the good bacteria in your gut which are vital for digestive wellbeing and the production of nutrients for your body[11].

Some studies show that increasing your fiber intake can influence weight loss by curbing food cravings and increasing satiety[12]. Fiber can help you feel fuller for longer and stop you from snacking, helping you stick to your calorie goals. One 2019 study found that by increasing your fiber intake by four grams could lead to an average additional weight loss of 3 ¼ pounds over six months[13].

Tip #6 – Hydrate

Many people forget the importance of hydration when it comes to their health. Without enough water, you’ll feel lethargic and your metabolism will completely slump!

Water has been shown to have a positive impact on your metabolism. In fact, drinking 500ml of cold water is thought to increase the metabolic rate by 30%, with the biggest effect seen 30-40 minutes after consumption.  Because of the thermogenic effect that cold water can have, your body works harder and burns more calories – the colder the water, the more calories your body burns to heat it up to baseline body temperature[14].

What’s better, water is a natural appetite suppressant, meaning you’ll feel fuller for longer and curb those food cravings when they hit hard. When you’re nursing, it’s crucial you drink enough water to keep your body hydrated and performing efficiently.


It’s important to remember that a little extra weight after childbirth is normal and nothing to get concerned about. In fact, after giving birth, the last thing that’s likely on a new mom’s mind is going on a diet. Your body will slowly start to lose the post-pregnancy weight and the key is patience. Losing baby weight should be approached with care and caution.

Follow these top tips to try get back to a healthy weight and help your body handle everything that’s thrown at it!

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